Monday, February 20, 2012

A letter to myself.

Stumbled upon this little gem of a note that I wrote to myself a year or so ago, hidden within the folds of my journal this morning. I found it to be extremely raw and real and exactly what I needed to read while sipping coffee on a date with myself this beautiful Sunday morning.
"Remember this time your life. Never forget how it feels to go to bed alone with your thoughts and to wake up with a clear conscience. Never forget the feeling of independence, the freedom that comes with only having yourself to worry about. Remember what it is like to put your friends first, yourself first and savor the time when this is still the case. Never forget these years when you are so perfectly content with you, your thoughts and your own dreams- dreams that are concocted by nothing but the brilliance of your own imagination. And most importantly, be satisfied and grateful for the realities that you and only you have created for yourself. Relish in the big and little daily decisions that have defined and directed the course of your life thus far.
Because at some point, things will change, and people will come and others will go. And one day you will wake up and this independence, this freedom- will be gone. And when that happens, as happy as you may be in your new shared life, there will be moments. Moments where you miss this. Where you miss the quiet or the simplicity. Moments when you miss playing a song on repeat just because it's how you feel. Moments when you miss going to bed alone, with your thoughts and the freedom that comes with only have yourself to worry about."

"And at once I knew I was not magnificent."

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Seeing Color

...and just when I thought the grey mundaneness of winter would swallow me whole, I saw color again. Vibrant pinks and oranges in the sunsets, deep magnificent shades of turquoise in the water and brilliant light in the faces of those who literally have nothing, but a world full of color.

Belize 2012